| Intern VIP Lounge | 2013 |

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Intern VIP lounge is an exclusive space for all the
unpaid interns working at the art fair and at the galleries
in Dubai. Only these volunteers, after registering at
the Intern VIP Lounge's information desk, will be able
to access the lounge – an exclusive space that not
only provides a relaxed and entertaining ambience, but
also operates as a knowledge exchange space,
with a special programme of events, including meetings,
presentations and film screenings.
Intern VIP Lounge is initiated by Ahmet ÖgŁt.
Commissioned by Art Dubai Projects

Intern VIP Lounge talks were open to Intern VIP Card holders only.
Chocolate Fountain, Massage, Popcorn, Table Tennis Tournament, Snacks and Mocktails was provided.
Logo design by Future Anecdotes Design Studio, Istanbul

Wednesday March 20
15:00 Basim Magdy artist talk
15:45 Pilvi Takala artist talk
19:00 Hans Ulrich Obrist & Ahmet ÖgŁt conversation
Thursday March 21
15:00 Dina Danish artist talk
19:00 Aaron Cezar and a special guest conversation
Friday March 22
15:00 Basak Senova curator talk,
19:00 Maha Maamoun artist talk
Saturday March 23
14:00 Isabella Ellaheh Hughes curator talk
16:00 Abbas Akhavan artist talk

Screening Programme
March 19 – March 23
“Dream Factory” by Aily Nash & Andrew Norman Wilson
“A New Product” by Harun Farocki “Workers Leaving the Googleplex”,
by Andrew Norman Wilson, “People’s passion, lifestyle beautiful wine,
gigantic glass towers, all surrounded by water”
by Neil Beloufa , “The Trainee” by Pilvi Takala, “Strategies” by Harm van den Dorpel,
“De-employed” by Michael-Bell Smith, “Green Screen Refrigerator” by Mark Leckey,
“Strike” by Hito Steyerl, “Fired” by Marianne Flotron