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Stones to throw | 2011 | Installation, mail and public art project; painted stones, plinths, photographs, FedEx bills | Installation view from Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon and streets of Diyarbakir | Courtesy of the artist | Photographs by Askin Ercan, Bruno Lopes, Ahmet Ögüt

Stones to throw

Stones to throw is an installation which has been extended to public space. I depart from nose art, the decorative paintings on the fuselage of military aircrafts, which can be seen as a form of aircraft graffiti. I painted on 10 stones that feature the same paintings seen in airplanes and the stoneswere on 10 plinths. During the show at Kunsthalle Lissabon 9 of the stones was sent to Diyarbakir, my hometown, one by one and left in the street. What remained at the end of the show was; 10  plinths, only one stone and photos of the other stones located in the streets of Diyarbakir and the FedEx bills. At Kunsthalle Lissabon, it was a process; visitors witnessed stones disappearing from the exhibition one by one. I decided not to send the last stone, so it actually becomes the physical documentation of the other stones that disappeared in the streets of Diyarbakir.

view from Kunsthalle Lissabon

view from streets of Diyarbakir